Sending Files to be Mixed

Properly preparing your files before you send them off to be masterfully mixed is actually quite simple, just follow a few rules :).

-Before you start, save a copy of your session!

-Export each individual file with processing and effects turned off. If it is a very specific sound that is key to the song or vibe, export with processing and without to be safe! Make sure all bus processing like limiters and EQ’s are off as well.

-Make sure every file starts at the same point so that they all sync up when dropped into a session.

-If it’s mono, keep it mono.

-Make sure file names clearly indicate what the audio is! It’s not ‘Audio3’, it’s ‘HighHarmony1’ .

-Always send a rough mix so there is perspective of where you’re coming from and reference for effects and vibes that you like!

-Files should be Wav’s and exported at the quality they were recorded at (Don’t convert 48/24 down to 44.1/16 just to save space!)

-Delete blank or muted tracks.

-Send via WeTransfer or Dropbox (With all appropriate permissions).