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Here are some videos of songs that I have either mixed or engineered. There is a wide variety including nearly every Late Night talk show (with Conan being the unfortunate exception), Biden’s Inauguration, Ellen, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and even a Superbowl Commercial for Youtube!

Meet RedBeard

Aaron Glemboski is the Austin, TX, based producer/audio engineer also known as “Red Beard”. He is currently the house engineer at Electric Deluxe Recorders and works closely with Grammy Award winning producer, Adrian Quesada (Black Pumas, Grupo Fantasma, Spanish Gold).

While being a huge nerd about vintage gear and obsessing over tubes, tape, and any gear that smells old when you turn it on; Aaron knows that the most important part of a song is the journey it brings you on. The real magic comes from digging for the tiniest nuances of your song that will evoke an emotion or just move your butt. He believes greatly in personal connection and finding chemistry in projects in order to properly help your songs bloom into the art they were meant to be!