red beard photo mixing


My name is Aaron Glemboski, and I am Red Beard. I am a producer/audio engineer currently located in Austin, TX.

As a producer, I thoroughly enjoy taking something that you have written and fleshing it out until it is exactly as you pictured it should be. There is nothing more rewarding than bringing something from an idea to reality. I have a solid knowledge of music and theory and can orchestrate what needs to be done to get any instruments on your tracks so that you don’t have to face the headache of finding musicians, writing parts, and communicating the feel of the song!

As an audio engineer, I love tweaking everything until the exact desired sound is found! Whether that’s in the recording stage and we are changing mics and outboard gear, or in the mixdown phase where were are putting everything together making it sit right, I love it all, and am aware that a little extra time in this process can make or break a song.

I look forward to working with you and creating something amazing!